Sewer and Drain Specialists

Drain & Sewer Repair in Portland, OR

Drainage systems sometimes fail beyond our control. Older pipes corrode over time, and waste and debris build up. Even tree roots make their way into pipes through the smallest holes and cracks. That’s where Sewer Renewal Specialists comes in to provide drain and sewer repair in Portland, OR.

Keep Drainage Pipes Clean

Beyond repairs, keeping your drainage pipes clean is a safe bet for healthy pipes. As mentioned, debris and corrosion build up over time and cause problems. Regular cleanings keep those issues at bay and your sewer and drainage system running efficiently. Homeowners need sewer and drain cleaners in Portland, OR, to step in for regular cleanings. Even the best do-it-yourself person must draw the line somewhere. Trust a professional service to keep the drainpipes clean.


Sewer Renewal Specialists uses a hydro-jet system to get even the toughest corrosion, waste, and debris buildup removed. In many cases, our hydro-jet can even break up tree roots trying to make a home in your pipeline.

A Clear Picture

When Sewer Renewal Specialists, your drain and sewer repair resource in Portland, OR, comes to clean the drainpipes, we get a clear picture of the health of the pipes as well. Using our advanced, fiber-optic, cable-mounted camera, we can easily see how the pipes look inside. Without today’s technology, an entire pipe would have to be dug up to see if there are issues.

Contact Sewer Renewal Specialists

Thankfully, even if your home is older, it’s never too late to have a clean drainage system that looks and works like new. For your drain and sewer repair, our cured-in-place technology, using the perma-liner, repairs pipes onsite with no pipe removal. If you’re unsure of how your pipes are doing or want to get started on a regular cleaning schedule for preventative maintenance, contact Sewer Renewal Specialists at 503-212-4899 for more information.