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Trenchless Excavation

Trenchless sewer replacement is similar to the traditional method of pipe laying, except that only two holes are dug instead of digging one long trench. A special drill with rotating heads that chisels through the existing pipe is used to pierce through the old pipe and create a new opening. The old pipe is then cut into sections and pulled out through the new hole as a continuous liner is pushed in behind it. 

A Better Alternative

But Why Trenchless?

Trenchless sewer replacement has many benefits over regular sewer laying because only two holes are needed. This means less money spent on man hours digging and more time is saved overall. Trenchless sewer replacement also allows for other utilities such as water or gas to remain intact throughout the process without having to move them or put anything under them.


Another key benefit of trenchless excavation is that a property owner’s lawn gets to remain in tact. Since no trenches are dug in the process, no landscaping is destroyed. This process is much less intrusive on the natural landscape.  

Not trenchless excavation
No More Trenches and Costly Repairs!

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