Sewer and Drain Specialists

Sewer & Drain Specialists in South Salem, OR

What’s going on with your drainpipes? If you have an answer, you’re an unusual homeowner. Most of us don’t have an answer because everything is working fine. It only makes sense to not wake up each morning concerned about the well-being of your sewer and drain system. It works, and we go on with our day.


Although we don’t want you obsessing over your drainpipe system, we do suggest you get on a regular maintenance schedule with Sewer Renewal Specialists, your sewer and drain specialists in South Salem, OR.

Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance is essential for healthy pipes. As the trusted sewer and drain specialists in South Salem, OR, Sewer Renewal offers routine maintenance and cleaning as well as repairs when needed. When sewer pipes are well-maintained, they last longer, and small issues are fixed quickly. When left on their own, small cracks, holes, and blockages turn into large ones that create plumbing issues in your home and require costly repairs. Catch problems early with regular pipe checkups.

What Can Go Wrong?

When pipes go unchecked for years, the constant waste, debris, and other unusual factors, such as tree roots underground, take their toll on your sewage pipes. Slowly but surely, corrosion takes hold, a tree root makes its home inside the pipe, and you have drainage backup in your home.

Contact Sewer Renewal Specialists

You can count on Sewer Renewal Specialists for all your sewer and drain needs. As sewer and drain specialists, we offer sewer inspection and repair in South Salem, OR, and all surrounding areas. Don’t put off the health of your drainage and waste removal system another day. Preventative maintenance is key to catching problems quickly before they turn into a project that requires extensive repair.


Using our fiber-optic camera, Sewer Renewal Specialists can see into your drain system pipes while they’re still under the ground. We get a clear picture of the life of your pipes and know instantly if there are any concerns. We can even show you how pipes look before and after a cleaning. The best part is, if a repair is needed, we offer perma-liner cured-in-place technology for quick and easy repairs and little mess. Don’t put it off another day. Contact us at 503-212-4899, and let’s make your pipes a priority.