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What Are The Benefits Of Pipe Relining?


Even when pipes are well maintained, problems can arise beyond our control. Roots decide to grow through the pipe, corrosion happens over time, and any other number of unexpected issues can cause damage. Replacing a drainage pipe is no small effort. It’s costly and creates quite a mess. In this article we’ll look at the many benefits of pipe relining as an alternative to pipe replacement.

Save the Landscaping

When digging up a pipe to repair or replace it, there’s no way to avoid destroying at least part of the lawn and landscaping. Trucks and machinery must get near the pipe, and once the pipe is completely dug out, a damaged yard is left behind.

Pipe relining, on the other hand, doesn’t require the removal of a pipe, which eliminates the mess. Instead, the Perma-Liner is placed in the pipe while it remains underground.

Cost Savings

Since the removal of a pipe and possible replacement take a lot of time and equipment, the cost is high. Excavating and lifting the pipe out, as well as disposing of it and installing a new one, takes a large crew and costs a lot of money. One of the many benefits of pipe relining is it keeps the cost down.

Over and Done

Relining is the perfect solution to get the job done quickly. Removal of a pipe is a long process that then involves yard repair afterward. Even repairing a pipe can take days. But by using the cured-in-place method, a pipe is repaired in only a day, often in a matter of hours.

Relining Is a Durable Option

Once the Perma-Liner is in place, the pipe is like new again. It’s just as strong as it was before, thanks to the cured-in-place method. Once cured, the liner is like a pipe inside a pipe.

Relining Is a Safe Option

As mentioned, it’s impossible not to tear up a yard when removing a pipe. Using the pipe relining method, minimal damage to the yard occurs. A small hole is needed to get the liner into the pipe. When a pipe is dug up, or the yard is dug up to get directly to a repair area on the pipe, holes, trenches, and piles of debris pose a hazard to anyone around the yard.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Drainage systems are used daily without thought. However, the reality is drainage systems are highly important for the efficiency and comfort of a home. A system in excellent condition and that is well cared for increases the value of your home. If you choose to sell, potential buyers will be pleased to know you chose a Perma-Liner to create a new pipe in the drainage system.

Speak with your drainage specialist about how often to check your drainage system so you can catch small problems before they get big. If repair is needed, consider pipe relining for a reliable, quick, and inexpensive fix.

At Sewer Renewal Specialists, we offer trenchless pipe lining so your yard stays intact while the pipe is repaired. Contact us about cured-in-place pipe lining or any of your other drainage system needs.