Portland, OR Pipe Coating 

Spraypoxy Sewer System Repair in Portland Metro & Surrounding Areas 

Cracked and damaged pipes are detrimental to your property. When you need a sewer repair company, the experts at Sewer Renewal Specialists offer pipe coating in Portland, OR, Portland Metro, and surrounding areas. Our experts use the latest technology and best methods to solve sewer line problems, including Spraypoxy for fast and cost-effective sewer system repair

Please call (971) 803-5240 or send us a message online to learn more about Spraypoxy and determine if this method is best for your specific problem. 

A Better Pipe Coating Option 

Underground sewer pipes last for decades. However, over the years pipes can deteriorate. This can result in slow draining or backups in your plumbing fixtures. 

While some pipe materials last longer than others, no material lasts forever, and every sewer pipe will eventually develop age-related problems. Pipe coating in Portland, OR is an effective method for restoring damaged sewer lines. 

Using Spraypoxy for pipe coating is a better option for: 

  • Avoiding excavation 
  • Faster sewer line repairs 
  • Budget friendly repairs 
  • Eco-friendly solution 
  • Durability 
  • Making pipes corrosion resistant 

This method of pipe coating is effective for many pipe related problems and makes a difficult job a lot easier, faster, and less expensive. 

Not only is the repair less expensive than with traditional methods requiring excavation, but there is also no damage to your property. You won’t be left with a torn up lawn and the added expense of restoring your landscape. 

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The Spraypoxy Process 

Spraypoxy pipe coating technology is effective for solving a range of age-related sewer line problems. The process starts with cleaning out the pipe and flushing all debris from the inside of the pipe. 

This ensures that the coating adheres well to the inside of the pipe walls. Once the pipe is cleaned and dried, the special epoxy can be applied to the inside of the pipe. 

The epoxy used in Spraypoxy has been developed to be corrosion resistant, damp proof, and wear resistant to pressure, grease, and chemicals. The smooth surface created by the pipe coating improves the flow of the pipe and dramatically increases the lifespan of the pipe. 

The technician applies the epoxy coating with specialized equipment to coat the inside of the pipe walls thoroughly and evenly. Once the epoxy has completely dried and cured to the inside of the pipe, it creates a brand new, smooth epoxy surface to completely restore the function of your sewer line. 

Why Choose Sewer Renewal Specialists

At Sewer Renewal Specialists, we use the best and most cost effective methods for repairing sewer line damage, including Spraypoxy for pipe coating in Portland, OR. 

When you choose Sewer Renewal Specialists you are getting:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible financing options 
  • 45-year warranty
  • Free estimates
  • 24/7 services
  • And over 20 years of experience

We can inspect your sewer line to determine if pipe coating is the most effective solution for your problem and provide a free estimate for our services. We have extensive training and experience to deliver unmatched quality service for our customers. 

If you are interested in learning more about pipe coating for restoring your sewer line, call (971) 803-5240 to schedule an appointment


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