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The Most Common Clogged Drain Causes In Bathrooms


Have a Blockage?

At some point, everyone has experienced a clogged toilet or sink. But if you deal with frequent blockages, you should know about a few culprits that cause these occurrences. Read about the most common clogged drain causes in bathrooms and avoid these issues!


Hair and animal fur are common culprits of drain clogs. Fallen hair can knot up and attach to drain parts as it combines with soap scum or grease. Hair clogs are some of the toughest blockages to break through and require drain snakes to remove.

Although hair naturally falls from our heads, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid clogs. Placing a drain guard in sinks and tubs prevents hair from slipping down drains. Furthermore, cleaning hair brushes and combs over trash cans prevents excess hair from entering drains.

Soap Scum

Bars of soap have grease and fat that develop soap scum. The residue produces buildups and causes clogs in sinks and tubs. You’ll notice slow water drainage or frequent backups. Sometimes, soap combines with other residues, such as hair and dirt, and makes stubborn clogs. A quick remedy is to pour hot water down drains to dissolve residue!

Hygiene Products

Hygiene products also cause clogged drains in bathrooms. Products labeled “flushable” are big threats to drains and pipes. Unlike toilet paper, “flushable” wipes, cotton swabs, and diapers don’t dissolve when flushed. Since they don’t break down, items sit in your pipes and create clogs.

A plunger can remove small blockages, but major clogs create severe issues. Don’t jeopardize your drains and sewer system by flushing hygiene products down drains. Instead, dispose of items in trash cans.

Toilet Paper Buildup

Human waste and toilet paper are the only things you should flush. Toilet paper breaks down and easily dissolves. However, too much toilet paper can create clogs. To prevent this, use bathroom tissue in moderation. You should only use small batches of tissue at once to avoid blockages. If clogs do occur, use a plunger to clear the toilet.

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