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6 Tips For Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing In The Winter


Frozen pipes are a huge headache that no homeowner wants to experience. Fortunately, preventative maintenance takes care of this issue. Check out these six tips for preventing your pipes from freezing in the winter.

Open Cabinet Doors

Open your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors near the sinks. The warm air from your home will circulate beneath the cabinets and heat the pipes. This simple tip is extremely helpful during the winter.

Insulate Cold Areas

If you have pipes running through your attic, unheated basement, garage, or crawl space, insulate the area. When you insulate unheated spaces in your home, the pipes won’t freeze or burst. In addition, well-insulated homes save money on heating bills since rooms remain warm. You can insulate the spaces or hire a professional to do it for you.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Exposed water supply pipes are vulnerable to freezing, especially ones that run alongside exterior walls. Along with insulating cold areas, it’s best to cover exposed pipes.

How to Cover Exposed Pipes in the Basement

You can do this with some basic DIY skills. Simply use foam or fiberglass insulation to cover the pipes.

1. Measure all the wall sections where you would like to put pipe insulation.

2. Make sure to have insulation that meets those measurements. Most hardware stores have a selection of pre-cut foam tubing or blankets, both of which will fit easily over existing plumbing fixtures.

3. For extra protection against moisture, pipe wrap adhesive tape can help to seal any gaps between your insulation material and the walls or floor.

Keep the Tap On

Prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter by keeping the tap on and letting cold water drip from the faucet. As water runs through the pipes, they won’t freeze. Keep your faucets at a consistent, slow drip. This tip is especially important on cold days when pipes are prone to freezing.

Seal Any Leaks

Did you know leaks and drafts lower the temperature inside your home, making your pipes more susceptible to freezing? To prevent this issue, seal any leaks or drafts. You don’t want cold air seeping into your home, especially during the wintertime. Perform a home walk-through and identify any drafty areas or leaks.

Don’t Disturb the Thermostat

We all increase the heat inside our homes during winter. When you reach a suitable temperature, don’t disturb the thermostat. Keep the unit at the same temperature day and night. Consistent heat helps pipes stay warmer. Maintain a comfortable home and warm pipes.

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