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Exciting News – Perma-Liner Technology Has Arrived!


Sewer Renewal Specialists is excited to announce that we are switching to a new way of lining called Permaliner Technology. Each team member at Sewer Renewal Specialists has gone through a rigorous training process to be certified to install the new cured-in-place pipe by Permaliner.

We are very excited to make this switch because of the versatility of the product and can now serve our customers in a variety of new ways. Since becoming certified we have installed a cured-in-place pipe in an airport, a commercial building, and lengths greater than 100 feet with minimal disturbance to the environment. Now, we can line under houses, roadways, and driveways much easier with our new technology. As Sewer Renewal Specialists, we are very thankful for everything we could do with our previous product and the exceptional product that it was but wanted to provide more versatile options for our customers. We are very excited to have taken this next step to better serve our customers and our city.