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You Have To Demolish What???


We were recently called out to a house with a septic tank. We don’t repair septic tanks but the customer on the phone the customer kept saying, “We need to remove our sun room to fix our septic tank.” After a few more questions, we found out the previous company that inspected their plumbing found major problems underneath the sun room that lead to the septic tank. Plus, their estimate was over $10,000 to repair 12 feet of a drain line.

Luckily, the customer called Sewer Renewal Specialists in a last ditch effort to see if there was another solution. When we arrived, the customer was really stressed. She was talking about selling the house because she just couldn’t pay that much money to repair the broken and worn cast iron pipe. Plus, she loved her sun room. And for good reason, it was small but cozy and comfortable.

After about 20 minutes of talking to the homeowner, we were able to explain that Sewer Renewal Specialists was not your typical sewer repair company, we offer permanent solutions with the newest non-invasive methods of installation and repair. So we pulled out new Ridgid Truesense Camera to inspect the camera. As we say, “The camera does not lie!“

The previous company that gave her the $10,000 quote was right! The cast iron underneath the sunroom was worn and decayed, and showed major signs of thinning. It looked clean because the other company charged her $1600 to descale the pipe (OUCH!) We clean and descale sewers for $750.

As were we scoping the line, we found that she also had major plumbing issues under the house as well. It explained all the backups she has had in the past, the previous company should have caught them as well but missed them. All of these problems were solvable but some thinking outside of the box was necessary.

As we watched the video, crawled around in her crawl space, and inspected the septic tank, we came up with a solution. In order to fix the drain lines under the house, we needed to call in Jeff (the best plumber we have ever met) in to inspect the interior drains. He let us know what he needed to make his repairs. Now it was onto the corroded cast iron.

Access was the biggest issue for the cast iron under the sun room but that wasn’t going to stop us. We decided we could use the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) method to repair the sewer but we had to install it from the crawl space. We needed to disconnect all the drain lines, prep the liner and feed it through the existing line where it exited the foundation. It was going to be difficult, dirty and slightly gross but we knew it was the right solution.

On the day of the sewer repair, we arrived focused! Each team member had their responsibility and each member performed flawlessly. The only hiccup on the entire job was that the homeowner’s first grader flushed the toilet on us, TWICE.

All said and done, the customer paid $4737 for the entire repair and that was including Jeff’s under the house drain repair. And…her sunroom was untouched.

We couldn’t have been happier with the results.