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How Do You Get Rid Of Roots In Your Sewer Line?


We use our plumbing daily without ever wondering how it works behind the scenes. Areas like the sewer lines are underground, making them out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in small issues easily growing into big ones until our plumbing begins to fail. In this article, we’ll talk about getting rid of roots in your sewer line before the damage gets out of control.

Do You Have a Root Problem?

Before we can fix root damage in our drain systems, we need to know if roots are the problem. Unless a specialist regularly checks your lines, your first signs of trouble are clogs and backed-up drains. As the roots continue growing and taking up more space, drains begin to struggle.

How Do Roots Get In?

There’s only one way for roots to start making a home in the sewer lines, and that’s through a hole in a pipe. They’re drawn to moisture, so it’s no mystery as to why they gravitate toward the lines. The smallest crack or hole makes it possible for roots to start weaving their way through a sewer line. Some people have even removed a toilet for repairs to find roots, along with leaves, growing right under their toilet.

Call a Professional

The first step in getting rid of roots in your sewer line is to call your drainage system professional so they can assess the situation and fix it. To find out what’s going on in the sewer lines, they’ll use a high-tech camera that bends its way through the sewer lines, making it easy to see what the problems are. After finding where the roots are doing the damage, the next two steps follow:


The hydro-jetter is a high-pressure water tool used to clean and knock away small and large pieces of debris out of the sewer line. It even breaks up tree roots.

Perma-Liner Technology

Next, using perma-liner technology, your specialist repairs the sewer line with a liner that’s cured in place, leaving a pipe that’s like new, with no holes and no cracks, and best of all, no digging up of the yard for repairs.

The Importance of Maintenance

A checkup and cleaning of your home’s plumbing system, about every two years, helps in avoiding situations like roots left to take over. Get on a regular schedule with your plumbing specialist, so your system keeps running efficiently.

At Sewer Renewal Specialists, we offer our sewer drain cleaning service, as well as drainage system repairs, using our perma-liner technology. Contact Sewer Renewal Specialists for all your drainage system needs.