How Important Is Plumbing Maintenance At Home?

A plumbing system consists of a water supply, fixtures and equipment, and a drainage system. If one of those parts of the system has a problem, the entire system has a problem. Thankfully, with regular maintenance, your plumbing system should run smoothly for many years. Let’s look at why plumbing maintenance at home is important and how you can ensure maintenance happens regularly.

Constantly in Use

Like so many other things in our homes, our plumbing system is in constant use. It’s not something we think about as we go about our daily routine. However, when something goes wrong with the system, we take notice quickly. Just look at all of these situations in which our plumbing systems come into play:

  • Making meals
  • Drinking
  • Taking showers
  • Washing dishes
  • Doing Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Using the restroom

When the plumbing system goes down and you’re left without the ability to take care of any of the above things, it’s frustrating and inconvenient. Worst of all, when plumbing issues are ignored for too long, it means days, weeks, or even months of repairs and extreme inconvenience in your home.

Possible Pipe Issues

Many pipe issues are easily resolved and fixed—if they’re caught early enough. However, if they are ignored or go unnoticed, they can turn into serious problems. A plumbing system is prone to bursting or leaking pipes, clogs, and drainage backup.

Regular maintenance ensures small repairs get made—so big ones are prevented—and pipes are kept clean.

Lower Costs

We all want to save money. Regular maintenance is a small price to pay compared to a new plumbing system or the repairs when a pipe leaks or bursts.

How To Maintain Your Plumbing System

Now that we’ve covered why plumbing maintenance at home is important, we need to discuss how to make it happen. The best way to maintain your plumbing system is to have a regular maintenance schedule with your plumber.

A common timeline for a plumber to perform routine maintenance is every two years. For just a little disruption, we’ll gain peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Here’s what a plumber will do during their maintenance visit:

  • Offer a full assessment of your system by checking for blockage, leaks, and corrosion in every area of your system.
  • Detect any issues and whether they’re best addressed now or can wait a little longer.
  • Make repairs that can happen that day and schedule future repairs.
  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you don’t have a plumber already, find one you trust and get on their regular rotating maintenance schedule. Simple, regular maintenance is key to avoiding large plumbing problems and maintaining a healthy system.

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