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Clog-Free: Easy Tips To Keep Your Drains Clear


A clog-free drain is ideal for any household. You can prevent plumbing issues by following a few essential practices. Check out these easy tips to keep your drains clear and start doing them today!

Use Cold Water for Garbage Disposal

Continuously run cold water while utilizing the garbage disposal. Cold water makes grease and oil stay solid so they won’t break down in the drain. When grease and cooking oil become liquid, they will coat the garbage disposal and create a clog when they become solid again. Therefore, it’s always best to run cold water!

Place a Strainer in Your Kitchen Sink

Placing a strainer in your sink is a great way to keep your drains clear. When you wash dishes, food particles and grease enter your drain. However, a strainer will catch the particles, and you won’t have to worry about chunks of food clogging the drain. To clean the strainer, remove it from the sink and toss the particles in the trash.

Be Careful With Store-Bought Cleaner

Store-bought drain cleaner contains highly concentrated acids to break down clogs and clear drains. Although the purpose of the cleaner is to remove stuck debris, the cleaner ingredients are harmful to your pipes. Acids can degrade metal pipes, cause leaks, and facilitate the potential onset of other issues.

Properly Dispose of Cooking Grease

Oil and grease are liquids that will solidify in your pipes, creating significant clogs. To prevent these substances from entering your drain, it’s important to dispose of them properly. Pour old grease into a container and place a lid on top. Then, put the container in the trash (or away from the sink). Doing so will prevent spills and help keep your drains clear.

Cover Your Bathroom Sink

Clean sink drain with water droplets

Brushing or styling your hair over the bathroom sink is common, especially if the mirror is above the sink. When hair strands fall, they will slip down the drain. Sometimes, people think turning on the water and pushing hair down the drain is an easy way to clear the sink. However, this creates recurring clogs. Instead, lay a towel in your sink to catch the hair. Then, toss the fallen hair in the trash.

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