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Why You Should Avoid Using Drain Cleaner Products


You should avoid using drain cleaner products because it’s bad for your pipes and unsafe. Keep reading to learn why using chemical cleaners isn’t the best solution. Remember to contact Sewer Renewal Specialists for your plumbing needs.

Chemicals Can Damage Your Pipes

Generally, chemical cleaners cut through residue blocking your pipes. Caustic cleaners generate heat to break down materials and make them dissolve easily. Additionally, acid cleaners and oxidizing products with bleach and nitrates that break up substances in the drain contain high concentrated levels of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid to remove blockages.

These substances do more harm than good because they corrode pipes. If you constantly use chemical cleaners, they break down pipes faster and affect your overall plumbing system. Don’t risk the health of your pipes with harsh cleaners.

Cleaners Become a Safety Hazard

Contact with harsh chemical cleaners can irritate your eyes, burn your skin, or cause breathing problems. That’s why instructions say to “keep away from children and pets” and “only use in a well-ventilated room.” Just by using the product, you risk injuring yourself or others. And that’s a risk you shouldn’t take. The intense smell and harmful repercussions are enough to put down the chemical cleaners.

They’re a Temporary Solution

You should avoid using drain cleaner products because they’re only temporary solutions. They don’t remove all clogs or stop recurring blockages. You’ll likely encounter problems again, and the cleaner won’t help. In cases like tree root intrusion, you need a professional sewer specialist to assess your pipes and mitigate the issue.

They Can Hurt the Environment

Chemical drain cleaning solutions have an environmental impact you should acknowledge. Toxic fumes can emit from your home and affect air quality. Furthermore, the chemicals can spill over into the water supply, contaminating the fluid. Not to mention, the residue left in product bottles can poison fish and wildlife near water and landfills.

What You Should Do

Using natural cleaners is the best way to clean your drains. Baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water can clear drains without pipe damage. It’s also best to schedule professional cleaning to improve your sewer system.

If you’re interested in sewer drain cleaning services in Portland, OR, consider Sewer Renewal Specialists. With over 20 years of experience, our experts can serve you well! Schedule an appointment today.